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By applying agile methodologies in IT, we intend to standardize and automatize processes to deliver high quality solutions, increasing productivity and reducing costs and response times.


smart monitoring

With the collection of statistical data and the metric definition, Mikroways helps their clients to take informed decisions, at the same time as it manages to implement an early warning system that allows acting proactively, avoiding potential problems.


cloud computing

The access to elastic computational resources enable organizations to get the necessary infrastructure at all times, optimizing costs and reducing efforts regarding the management of their IT infrastructure.



Our clients manage to strengthen their business concentrating their efforts in it; trusting the management of their IT infrastructure to Mikroways’ professional team.



Via a detailed analysis on each specific case, we manage to design and implement customized professional solutions.



Mikroways provides training services to IT professionals from its different developed fields, adapting each course to the client’s specific requirements.

our partnerships

We are the first and only one company in Argentina to have commercial representation of Chef, an enterprise that established as leader in the automatized infrastructure management segment. With that partnership, we have the backing of Chef to make our implementations and we also count with their approval to give its courses in Spanish.

Docker has revolutionized the way we think about operating systems and applications deployment and delivery. Leveraging its advantages, at Mikroways we have incorporated that technology into our solutions and established a partnership with Docker that simplifies the information flow and allows us to provide higher quality results.

With AWS, Amazon has established as the par excellence company regarding cloud computing services and constitutes and economic, stable and scalable platform, ideal for growing organizations and for those who do not want to face the costs and complexity of managing its own infrastructure.

our clients

Futbol Prode
Colegio de Escribanos de la Provincia de Buenos Aires
Colegio de Ingenieros de la Provincia de Buenos Aires
Snoop Consulting
QK Studio
Ingeniería Global
Urgente 24
El Rural
La Bioguia
Laboratorio Bioquímico Iglesias Haramburu
5 de Septiembre
Ministerio de Industria

Quality policy

At Mikroways we are committed to implement and maintain our ISO 9001:2015 quality management system applied to consultancy, design, implementation, transference and support regarding information management and tailored technological infraestructure solutions, endorsed by our extensive experience and the adoption of IT industry's best practices. We are all enthusiastic about reaching our customers' satisfaction and contributing to their own growth; that is why we also accompany them by providing training in those areas in which we specialise. In much the same way, we promote our processes' continual improvement, obeying all legal requirements applicable.

our objectives

Make sure that our clients’ IT infrastructure works correctly in the present and that, at the same time, has the ability to evolve to cope with the companies’ future necessities, helping them to grow.

Establish human bonds and build confidence with our clients, allowing us to develop an harmonious team work, enabling the establishment of relations which will continue once our job is finished.

We want our company to be known by the quality and the compliance of its works.

Being able to acquire new clients based on recommendations and succesful cases.

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